Brickon AAC Blocks are manufactured through a reaction of aluminium on a proportionate blend of lime, cement and fly-ash. During this process, the hydrogen gas that escapes creates millions of tiny air cells, rendering AAC with a strong cellular structure. The product thus formed is not only light weight but also has higher compressive strength.

AAC blocks which we supply are of best quality, we offers incredible opportunities to increase building quality and at the same time it also helps us to reduce the costs of the construction site. If your looking for reliable aac blocks and aac bricks in and around Hyderabad Call us Now and place your order for AAC Blocks.


AAC Blocks offers several significant advantages over other cement construction materials, one of the most important being its lower environmental impact.


FIRE-RESISTANCE : A wall of AAC has a 4-6 hour fire resistance depending on the thickness of the wall.

ENERGY SAVINGS: AAC block has excellent thermal insulation properties. It greatly reduces energy consumption of the heating and cooling appliances.

WEATHER RESISTANCE : AAC can be used in all climates and will not deteriorate in extreme heat or cold conditions.

SOUND RESISTANCE : AAC is used extensively as freeway sound barriers and fire walls all over the world.

ECO-FRIENDLY: AAC consumes less energy to make, less to transport and contains no toxic gases.

PEST RESISTANCE: As the blocks are made of inorganic materials, the pest resistant properties of AAC keeps termites away, avoiding damages and losses.

LIGHTWEIGHT: AAC blocks are approximately 1/3rd the weight of conventional clay bricks, greatly reducing dead weight of the structure. Steel can be reduced by 15% and cement by 10% when AAC blocks are used for construction.

EARTH QUAKE RESISTANCE: The manufacturing process gives the blocks commendable strength, maintaining its light weight property. This make the buildings earthquake resistance and gives it a longer life.

RAPID CONSTRUCTION: Time consumed when buildings are constructed with AAC blocks due to large size and light-weight and easy work ability.

WATER SAVER: For the curing process of AAC blocks walls, there is no need to water the blocks, only the mortar joints need to be cured which reduces the water consumption.



ThicknessMM100, 150, 200, 225
Compression StrengthN/MM2 3.7 - 4+ (as per IS : 2185 Part III)
Narmal Dry DensityKg/M2 *550-950
Thermal ConductivityW/MK*0.24
Sound ReducationDb*Upto 42
Fire ResistanceHrs*4
Dry Shrinkage%*0.04


Cost Component Saving in Component Estimated impact on project cost Explanation
Mortor Material 60% 2% AAC Blocks are 7 times the size of conventional bricks, resulting in 1/3rd the number of joints. Thus an overall mortar savings up to 60%
Plastering Material 35% 2% Exceptional dimentional accurace & smooth surfaces, eliminates need of three cost plaster walls and allows for a final 9mm skin cost (Putty/gypsum plaster)
Wastage 10% 0.5% Breakage in Bricks might be as high as 15% which in case of AAC Blocksit is less than 3%
Structural Material
(Steel & Concrete)
20% 8% Being Light Weight, AAC Blocksdrastically reduce the dead weight of the building. This translates to design of lighter structures leading to reduction in steel and concrete (Upto 20%)
Increase in Floor Space Area 2% 2% Being to exceptional thermal insulation & weather barrier properties, its posible to use thinner blocks, which results in increase of carpet area.
Saving in Capex for HVAC Systems 30% 0.50% AAC Blocks have excellent insulation properties, which results in saving in capex & Opex of HVAC Systems
Total Impact on Project Cost 15%

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